HI, I'm Carol.
I'm a wife
  a mother of 5 energetic children,
1 dog and occasionally a frog and a few goldfish. 
I enjoy a clean house,
a sparkling kitchen,
 well ordered closets,
 freshly laundered linens,
 and floors free from small building blocks,
 doll shoes & muddy shoes.
 But that only happens in my life occasionally. 
 Most of the time
 it's peanut-butter cookie crumbs
 and strawberry jam fingerprints
 mixed with (my favorite) sticky kisses.
That's okay because
 I love my life,
sticky fingerprints and all.

 I started sewing with my mom when I was 5.
 So, yes, that means I've been sewing for a few decades.
 Being creative makes me smile, and keeps me sane.
Being with my family brings me true joy
Makes this journey of life sweet and enjoyable.

I have a few thoughts I live by.
  • Don't take yourself too seriously.
  • Never participate in chain letters.
  • Don't worry about what others think about you because they're probably too busy thinking about themselves and worrying what others think of them to worry about you.
  • What you lack in talent can be made up for with determination and hard work.
  • Surround yourself with people and things that make you smile.
  • Find something you love to do and do it.
  • Find someone you love to love and tell them.
  • Take time to read a good book.
  • Dance whenever you can.
  • Elephants are always a good idea.

   Maybe you'll find a chuckle or two in my shopping/sewing/family/life experiences.