Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nursing Cover - Diaper & Wipe Tote - Changing Pad - Custom Order

I just finished a custom order. It was a Nursing Cover, Diaper and Wipe Tote with the works (ie. extra pockets in the flap and inside) and Changing Pad.

I have to say I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Here's the pocket on the opening pouch. A zipper is a must in this spot.

There's a strap for carrying or hooking onto stroller or baby carrier.
Pockets inside include; a cel-phone pocket, two lip-gloss/pen pockets and a pocket with elastic at the opening good for pacifiers or whatever.

I'm very pleased with the changing pad (I love polka-dots and stripes).
Finally the nursing cover has boning at the neck to make it easier to see your babe and there's a small pocket on the backside lower corner to hold nursing pads or pacifier.

I love making these baby sets.
Mostly because I love my Diaper and Wipe Tote (it's so handy) and I know if other parents try it out they'll never go back to a regular old diaper bag.


mjs said...

Wow! that is so nice. Love all the Special pockets and the happy colors. One lucky mommy!

Lauren said...

Wow!! Awesome :)