Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Riley Blake Designs and Michael Miller Fabric ---

The fabric store I love to go to was having 20% off every thing in the store yesterday!!!!
Good times for me!
I've been completely in love with Riley Blake fabric lately.
So, I picked up the above fabrics -- just because I like them and I have a custom order using them. I'm so excited. I think it'll be really cute.
I'll post pictures when I'm done

I'm also feelin' groovy about Michael Miller Fabrics! Picked this one up too -- just because. I'm sure I'll find a home for it soon. There are a ton of free quilt patterns on the Michael Miller web site. If I was an extream quilter I'm sure I'd be in heaven......but seeing as I still haven't completely completed the two quilts I wanted to have done by last Christmas I think I'll hold off on starting any of those projects. Check out the web-site though. Pretty cool.

Look for stuff in the shop out of these fabrics soon!

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Nicole said...

luv it! so i would never say that my fave color is green, but that always seems to be the color i gravitate the most towards for quilting...weird....the green is my fave by the way