Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kindergarten? Really?!

My youngest son started Kindergarten yesterday!
The thought is so crazy!!!! Yes I know he's old enough but really has it been that long since he was born. It seems just yesterday I was bigger than a truck waddling around in the humid heat of Southern Oregon ticked at my OB she was so darn into natural medicine and wouldn't induce me.
I was ticked for two reasons, One: I was huge -- mammoth--and miserable, Two: at our little hospital there was only one anesthesiologist and he lived 45 minutes away and didn't work nights. I knew that with my quick labors if I went into labor in the night there was no way I was going to get any epidural and the thought terrified me. Of course living where we did the hospital staff didn't see that as a problem, in fact, they thought it was better that way. But, I'm of the opinion that if I can save my self some pain after 9 months of agony I'm going to do it.

Turns out I was right....I went into labor in the middle of the night....no epidural for me....no Dr. and no hospital room for that matter. My son was born basically in the hall on a gurney delivered by the nurse and my husband. My Dr. came running in right after he was delivered (she lived across the street) she missed it because she couldn't find her shoes and ended up wearing her muddy gardening shoes. There are a whole bunch of gory insane details that I'm sure my son will love to hear someday, like, my IV was only partway in and was squirting blood everywhere the whole delivery (doesn't that sound like something a boy would think was cool?).
What it comes right down to though....he was healthy...I was healthy and as much as I hate to admit it my recovery was much quicker because I didn't have the epidural and because I wasn't induced and most importantly he's part of our family and we love him!

So now fast forward almost 6 years and here we are. He's going to kindergarten. He loved his first day. He was shocked when he found out he had to go to school everyday.....he was relieved when we told him he got weekends and holidays off. He wanted to know if ".....there's really that much I need to learn?" that would require he go to school every day. Unfortunately/fortunately there is that much he needs to learn and more.

I'm so grateful there are good people out there who are willing to teach my kids.
The PTA hosted what they called a Boo Hoo lunch for all of the parents sending their kids to kindergarten and they passed out tissues (pictured above) and chocolate to the parents...yeah, the chocolate didn't last long enough for me to get a picture and as you can see the tissues haven't been opened (too happy to cry).
Although I can't believe he's old enough to head off to school I'm excited for him. What a great time in his life....he'll be learning so much and making so many friends!!! Do you remember how easy it was to make friends in kindergarten? Oh man do I ever! He came home from his first day saying he had a new best friend and he didn't even know his name. I love it!!!

So----Here's to new beginnings and new things to learn!

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