Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quite Simply My Favorite Show!!!

Why do I LOVE the Amazing Race?

This article pretty much sums it up! Here


I have no doubt because

  1. We're hilarious!
  2. We're entertaining!
  3. We're odd (in the sense that we're completely run of the mill, old-fashioned, average, married couple, stay at home mom - go to work dad, parents of 5 kids, who like to sing and dance around the house, try to have adventures everyday with our kids, like to pretend we're on the amazing race just so we can practice, good at agreeing to disagree or just agreeing couple)!
  4. We're talented -- oh boy are we ever talented! If I'm being honest here then you need to know -- our skill sets are almost beyond words, we have brownie making skills, we have root beer connoisseur skills, wild animal taming skills, chaos wrangling skills, foreign language skills (I can speak toddler like nobody's business), the list could go on and on.
  5. By the time we get around to submitting our application we'll be the old couple on the show and if we're entertaining NOW just wait until then!

Can't wait to watch the new season premier tonight!!!

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