Friday, October 2, 2009

I think I'm in love!

Is it possible to be in love with a cleaning product?
Why - Yes ----It is!
So -- Here's the story!
A couple of months ago our dishwasher wasn't working so well so I called our Home Warranty company (Something I recommend everyone get when they're purchasing a home) and they sent a plumber over to take a look at it.
Turns out the pump on the dishwasher was broken --- you see cherry pits will do that to a dishwasher pump.....I guess someone should have told the previous owners that (we've never had cherries in this house --- not opposed to them just haven't had them). The plumber fixed the pump and then recommended I get Lemi Shine to help clean up the hard water deposits on the other parts of our dishwasher. He said it would help the dishes too. I said thank you and wrote down the name of the product and then forgot to buy it. ( I forget everything when I go shopping -- list or no list -- I forget)
Then the hard water deposits started taking over the dishwasher and I was afraid they were gunning for our house and then the universe......our only hope of survival was Lemi Shine so I remembered to buy some and tried it out right away.
IT IS AMAZING STUFF!!!!!!!!!! (10 exclamation points! eleven if you count that one) My glasses look brand spankin' new. Even the plastic ones that were the dirtiest clean glasses you'd ever see look brand new! I love it.
So if you have the second hardest water on the face of the earth (we have the hardest) give this stuff a try! I guarantee you'll be thrilled and amazed!

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