Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meet George

Meet George!
He's a purple, furry, one eyed, alien octopus.
He even has eight tentacles.
He was dreamt up (in paper form) by my second son.
And created by the two of us this past week.
He's extremely soft and cuddly and fun to hold......even if his fur does make me sneeze my head off....
My son says that's one of George's defense mechanisms.
Sneeze attack!
But other than that he's very friendly.
The little green army men weren't so sure though.
We were afraid there was going to be an explosive battle right here in our living room.
There could have been purple fur and green plastic every where.
Luckily George had his faithful friend, Monkey (a.k.a. King Kong), to stand up for him, introduce him and set those trigger happy green army men strait!

And photogenic!!!!
Every house should have one.

The rest of the story.
George was a great idea I had two years ago......um yep I said two years ago.
This particular son of ours is an artist and a creator. We have stacks and stacks, books and books of his sketches and creations. I thought it would be fun to bring one of his monsters to life for him for his birthday.
But I didn't get it done in time for his birthday so I gave him the fabric and told him what my plans were for it.
Fast forward two years and I still haven't made his alien monster.....I know mother of the year right here.
He started carrying the plastic bag around with the fabric in it last week. Not saying much about it just carrying it around.
So I decided it was finally time to follow through.
We sketched out a pattern.
He helped me cut it out.
He stood by my side while I sewed.
He turned it right side out, filled the tentacles with rice and stuffed the head, watched me stitch it closed and then he helped with the button eye.
It's not the most wonderful stuffed animal the world has ever seen.
But, I'm pretty sure right now, to him, it is.

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