Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mountain Top Retreat

Our little family took some time to celebrate the last few days of summer freedom.
In the top of the mountains.
On some family land.
It was just us, a canoe, and the critters.
This was my first time all-out-roughing-it-no-bathroom-no-running-water-camping since I was little and to say I was scared would be putting it lightly.
But, no worries, it all worked out great!
And the kids loved it. Why wouldn't they?.....
Customized tinfoil dinners.....
Canoe-ing to their hearts content!......
 (this picture was taken over my shoulder because I was too scared the canoe would tip over if I turned around.)
Frogs!.......Buckets and buckets of frogs just waiting to be caught!.......every little boy's dream!...
Don't worry they all stayed at the reservoir....every mother's dream!
We even saw a water snake eat a frog.
A pack of Coyotes barking and howling on the other side of the reservoir was our sunrise alarm. That was a little unnerving. But we never saw them and didn't hear them any more after that. So, it's all good.

A beaver had made a lodge on one end of the reservoir and we got to see him swimming around sunset.
The boys tried to catch up with him in the canoe but no such luck.
I thought this wasp nest was amazing and huge!
My parents loaned us their dutch oven. We may have to invest in our own because it produced some pretty tasty food.
My mom even made us cookies to take with us.
I'd planned on making cookies but ran out of time but my mom saved the day.
She's always doing that!
Thanks mom!

Over all our expedition was a success.....more ultimate camping experiences in our future I'm sure!

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