Monday, September 27, 2010

Feeling Reflective

There are instances in our lives when we are completely at peace and happy. I often wish in these precious  seconds that time would stand still or that my life were a book I could simply turn down the corner of the page and then return to that time as easily as I could  revisit my favorite part of a story. During these moments I often stand still and let my heart take a picture. 
These heart pictures are my most treasured possessions. It just so happened that this time I had a camera in my hands. Each time I look at this picture I am reminded of what a truly perfect day this was.

I love the way my husband and two of our children were captured in this photograph. They are stepping on the same foot looking down, having some sort of conversation. 
No doubt it is a conversation of little consequence, easily spoken and quickly forgotten. Such conversations are born of familiarity, trust and love. It delights me that my kids love and completely trust their dad and that this conversation is taking place with the constant roll and crash of the ocean all around them. Certainly there is power and perhaps danger all around them but they feel safe knowing they are with their father and he will take care of them.

I can't think of a better setting for this intimate moment than at the beach. The beach is a place where I am truly aware of the hand of God in the creation of this beautiful earth and in the creation of my life. I am overcome with gratitude that in the midst of all of the evidence of His majesty and power He knows me and my family, He cares for us, He takes care of us when there is danger all around us I find peace in my testimony of Him.
I am grateful that I have a tangible evidence of what my heart knows and treasures.

This week has found me a little more serious and reflective than usual. I don't consider myself a "deep thinker" but over the past 7 days I have been. 
Are my priorities in the right order? Are my children truly happy? Am I doing a good enough job of teaching them so they can know for themselves who they really are?

I've received a new assignment at church.....I'll be teaching the young women ages 12 & 13.....and so I wonder, am I capable of teaching them in a way that they know they are loved and valued?
I've taught the girls this age at church before but I think I was young and naive, now with a little more experience behind me and hopefully a little more wisdom in me I feel the full weight of this assignment.
Over the past two years as I've sent my daughter to her church activities I've prayed that her leaders will love her, will teach her and help her to blossom into a confident, kind, generous and loving woman.
Now it's my turn to be one of those leaders, the gravity of this has hit my full on.
I have faith that this is where my Heavenly Father wants me and because I am willing to serve these girls He will expand my ability to love and serve and He will help me.
And I have hope and excitement in the new possibilities of my spiritual growth as I learn from and love these girls.
I look forward to building a relationship with the young women and finding moments for my heart to take a picture.
I've found comfort in this photo this week because it has reminded me of what I already knew. Certainly there is a chance I will make a mistake and this will be hard but I feel peace in knowing my Father is with me and will take care of me.....and the girls....

Thanks for letting me ramble on a bit.

Happy Monday!

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