Friday, September 17, 2010


My parents cleaned out their attic and basement earlier this year.
As a result my attic and basement are now full of my old junk and their old ping-pong table (which we love!!!).
Some of it has been fun to go through....old dance costumes, letterman's sweater (I didn't want a jacket.), old school papers, childhood diaries, etc.
.....some of it not so much.....junk my kids think they need to keep, embarrassing old school photos/assignments and notes to friends, etc.
.....some of it I'm keeping....
...and some of it has made it's way to D.I./Goodwill and some to the trash.

However, I did find two treasures that are not leaving my possession under any circumstance. Even if they aren't necessarily mine....they are now.
Treasure #1 the car pictured above. It belonged to my oldest brothers so I'm guessing it's late 1950's early 1960's. I love it. I remember playing with it too. Currently it's setting on a shelf and it makes me smile when I walk by. But I have let my little ones play with it....just a tiny bit.....they love it too.

Treasure #2 my dad's freshman button from college. It's still blue and gold (although faded) and you can see his name (barely) written in his own hand.....circa 1947.
When I asked my dad about it he said he had to wear that button and a matching blue and gold tie and beanie every day to class. I was curious to see if he still had the beanie and tie, he told me "Somehow the beanie got "lost","  a couple of days after he got it and he hadn't seen the tie in years.
I was a little disappointed because it would have been great to put all three in a shadow box with a picture of my dad but at least I have the button.

With these two treasures in mind I've been finding it nearly impossible to thin out my boy's toys and some other things that have been hanging around.
We need the space and less clutter but a lot of those things have good memories for the boys.
Maybe I'll put them in a box and when they have a house of their own I'll call them on the phone and say, "Boys, come get your stuff out of my attic." and then they can deal with it.

I guess, now I know why I inherited so many boxes of my childhood stuff these past few months......

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