Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feeling Crafty ----at last!

It's taken me a few months to feel crafty again.
Christmas almost killed me.
I've had this project setting in the cupboard for MONTHS!
I finally felt like taking 20 minutes and completing it.
So I did!
I love it.
I think I may tackle a few more house decorating projects around here.
I took months and months off.
But I'm feeling the itch now.

I knew I had the perfect color of green in my long neglected arsenal of paints.
Unfortunately, my paints had been neglected and the color I wanted was completely dried.

But I did have a different green.....and classic I was able to concoct my perfect green.
I decided to name my new paint color friend.
I pondered avocado for a moment but it had too negative of a color connotation
so I settled on Celery.
I'd like you to meet Celery!

Isn't she pretty?!

Like I said I've had the parts for this setting in my cupboard for months.
I ordered the vinyl last May......ukum..
Ordered it from a seller on Etsy.

The board is 8" x 8" with 3/8" holes 1 1/2" off center 1" down.

There was a floral flourish on the left bottom corner that was too big and  was going to hang off the board so I trimmed it before applying the vinyl and then added it at a different angle so it would fit better.
I don't think you can tell if you look at the bottom picture you can see there are a few more swirlies.

I have a few other boards to go in this square wreath for different holidays but I wanted one for in-between holidays.

It makes me smile.

(p.s. the square wreath is from Ben Franklin Craft)

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Lauren said...

Love it! My kitchen is painted a similar green. Makes me smile!!