Friday, March 11, 2011

I tried something new

I've always wanted to learn how to knit and so yesterday I decided it was the day!
Obviously I'm still into green so I grabbed some green cotton yarn, the laptop (youtube) and some knitting needles.

Hours later this is what I have.

As I intently attacked the unsuspecting yarn, brow cinched with beads of sweat glistening, and tongue sticking slightly out the kids innocently asked what I was making. 
I told them proudly (and maybe slightly miffed because they had to ask, they couldn't just tell what it was), "A very small dishcloth. Probably the worlds smallest."
They were not impressed.
Youngest did ask me to make a blanket for the babies she will have one day. (Maybe she's slightly impressed.)
I told her I would when I get a little better at it.

It's a little discouraging because if I was crocheting I would have been able to produce a dishcloth twice this size in less than an hour.
But I have to keep reminding myself I've been crocheting for years and I've been knitting for less than 24 hours....I will get faster! I hope.....

So, If you'd like to learn to knit too here are a couple of links to some good videos on youtube.

Casting on (long tail)

I discovered I'm more comfortable with the Continental Method, which basically means I like to hold the yarn I'm working with, with my left hand.
Probably because that's what I'm used to doing when I crochet.
Sweet Husband is very patient with me and my whims.
He said he likes it that I'm learning to knit because it reminds him of sushi.........
The needles look like chopsticks.......
He loves sushi.......
I love him.....

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