Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It runs in the family

You know, it doesn't come as a surprise (to me anyway) that it runs in the family.
My mom is an amazing seamstress!
So amazing she had the patience to start teaching me when I was 5! ( yes F-I-V-E) but she did.
Even still it's fun to see with my own eyes that this sewing thing really does run in the family.
On our trip a couple of weeks ago we were able to stay with my Aunt.....my mom's sister.
Check out this King size hand appliqued, hand quilted - quilt she made.
Now get this....
She's 85!

My sister and I have often said that we wish we had half the energy our mother has.
It seems that runs in the family too.
But somehow it must have skipped us.
However, I was lamenting this to a dear friend the other day and she in her wise way consoled me. She said, "You do have energy! Look at what you're accomplishing with your five children each day. I always find that if I look back on my day at what I did accomplish I feel much better than if I look at what I wasn't able to tackle, yet."
Somehow that made sense and I felt/feel a little better about things.

Back to my Aunt.
We had a wonderful time and she spoiled us. We visited, laughed, told stories, played with her dog, sang karaoke, ate, slept a little and hugged. I couldn't ask for a better visit.
Thank you, We love you Aunt F.

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