Sunday, August 14, 2011 new best friend

Wednesday I met my love at Quincy Market to grab some lunch and do some shopping.
When we got there, there was a huge crowd standing around and TV cameras so I asked someone who they were waiting for. They said, "Ellen Degeneres".
My love and I didn't stick around, we went on our way and found some tasty treats and other fun things to purchase.
When my love had to go back to his meetings but I decided to stick around the market.
I hadn't been there long when who should appear but my new friend Ellen.
She arrived in style......of course.....on a duckboat.

I quickly realized she would be walking right past me so I prepared to snap some awesome photos of my new friend.

I was all ready when she walked by....

Then this ginormous freckled arm came from nowhere and thwarted my photo plans.

But I wasn't too concerned because I still had a second to snap another pic.

But then the friendly lady next to me with the "I love Ellen" shirt decided I really didn't need to get an up close picture of my new friend.

But that's okay because I figured I could get a picture while she was standing and receiving her award from the city of Boston.

But then Ellen decided to stand right behind the gigantic column.

See the podium, that's where she was.

But at least the beagle had a good view.

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Cassandra {Sleeping or Sewing} said...

Ah!!! That is soooo sad. I love Ellen. That happens to me quite often as well when taking pictures.