Thursday, August 25, 2011

What I learned about spray paint....and my new discovery.

The kids are officially back in school!
I feel a bit conflicted.
Part of me feels like doing a YiPEE! Fist pump, Cowboy jump, click my heels in the air, victory, I survived, dance.
Another part of me feels like taking a very long nap.
And still another part feels like sitting on the floor holding my knees to my chest and crying.
I guess feeling conflicted is a good thing because I'm not actually doing any of those things. In fact I think I'm acting quite normal and I'm trying to recover my house from 3 months of neglect and partying.
And when I say partying I mean the wild and crazy building forts in the basement, camp-out with cousins, go on 3 vacations, and on any given day anywhere from 5 to 15 kids at my house kind of a party.
In honor of my kids going back to school I started a project that's been waiting patiently in the garage all summer.
So..... I learned something major with this project I thought I'd pass on and I discovered something amazing I also thought I'd pass on.

First what I learned.

I started this project on the hottest day of the year so far. 101˚F
By no means am I an expert on Spray Paint but I decided to use it on this little project (computer armoire makeover) because I've seen so many fun things you can do with spray paint all over the Internet and I thought it would give me a smoother finish for the paint.

However, on the can  it says that you should use the spray paint if the temp is between 70 and 90˚F.
I knew it was warm out but I didn't think 11˚ would make that big of a difference. did.

The paint started drying before it even hit the wood. whoops. .....but I didn't stop. I just kept going thinking it would get better if I put more paint on. didn't.

Take a look.

Yep it's splotchy and bumpy.
That's not the light reflecting weird off the paint that's really how it looks.
Guess who's going to be sanding and painting again?

You guessed it. ME!
But it's not too bad I only did the front of the doors and I'll know better for the rest.

Second, the Amazing Discovery.

This is a Spray Grip.
It fits over the top of the spray paint and then you pull the trigger.
I was amazed at how well it worked and how much more comfortable it was than pushing the nozzle down with my finger.
Seriously, I love it. Here's why. Years ago when I was getting married I spray painted a bunch of things for the reception just a few days before the wedding. By the time my big day came around my arm and hand were so stiff and weak from using the spray paint I couldn't hold my bouquet. True story.:)


I bought my spray grip at WalMart but they have them Here too.

I have a goal to have my living room decorated by the end of September. (I figure we've lived here for 2 1/2 years it's time). So I have a lot of projects I'll be posting as I finish them up.
Wish me luck!

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A.L.L. said...

Nifty contraption!! I will have to get one of those handle things.