Friday, September 30, 2011


My project today came from my local thrift store. Don't you love all of the thrifted and up-cycled projects out there. It feels good to be a little green.

I've been pondering purchasing a framed piece of sheet metal to hang on the wall at the bottom of my stairs to the basement.
I thought it would be a great place to hang snapshots and some of the kids papers.
And I wanted it to be easy to switch them out so I thought a magnetic board would be perfect.
However, I've been pondering and pondering and not acting.

I was at the thrift store the other day and stumbled upon this fun chunky oval frame.
It looked as if in a former life it was a mirror with a metal back.
The mirror was gone but the metal backing was still there.
I think you literally could see the light bulb above my head as I thought about the possible futures for this frame and decided it would be perfect at the bottom of my stairs!
And at only $3 I totally scored!

I am the worlds worst "Before" picture taker. I just get too excited to get started and forget.
Sorry, my bad.

So this is the most before I've got.

I decided I wanted to do a fun semi-bright color because the little wall it would be hanging on is pretty dark and not fun. It needed a little life, a little party going on.

When I went to purchase some spray paint this color called to me so I went for it.

I didn't notice it wasn't regular spray paint, it's protective enamel, until I got home.
It went on nice but the dry time was 24 - 48 hrs.

I painted some black glaze on the frame and then wiped most of it off with a cloth.
I wanted the flowers to have a little more depth.

I'm pleased with how it turned out.
I've been considering painting the metal backing with chalkboard paint, but I'm not sure yet. I'll keep thinking on it.