Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A little of what I'm working on.

Well, I say a little of what I'm working on but really it's what we (as in my dear husband and I (mostly him though)) have been working on. Because I absolutely needed and wanted his help on this project.
Let's be honest.
It's intimidating and I'm scared of it.
He's really good at it. (It's one of the jobs he had to help pay for school.)
We have vaulted ceilings double scary.
So, because he loves me we painted our front room.

When we moved into this house almost 3 years ago Every. Single. Room. was painted yellow. I am so sick of yellow. During the day it's a really nice soft off-white yellow but at night it is a screaming burn your retinas yellow except for one wall in the front room which is a khaki yellow. I think the previous owners were going for an accent wall sort of a thing but it's really close to the color of the other yellows so in my opinion it doesn't work. However, I've lived with it for almost 3 years......because....well, I don't know what.....maybe refer to what I said above.....intimidating etc.

But now I have a plan.
I even ordered fabric for my plan.
I really hope when it's all put back together it looks as good in real life as it does in my head.

Living Room 
Before (6:30 AM this morning)
Yellow and Khaki extravaganza

After (2:00 pm this afternoon)
Looks a little more blue than I thought it would.
The paint is "Silver Marlin"
I was going for Grayish-Blueish-Greenish. It's more gray in real-life.

 Another Before

Another After

Final Before

 Final After

My favorite part was watching the new paint cover up the old, dingy, dirty, patched yellow. It just looks so fresh and clean! I love it!

And here's a little preview of my budget friendly photo art for this room. I'm really pretty excited about it.

It involves Modge Podge (which I've decided is my craft supply drug of choice) Love the stuff! It's good for so many things.

Hopefully the room will be back in place soon.

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