Monday, February 13, 2012

My Universe and the Moral of the Story

In My Universe the Cadbery Mini Egg I just ate has no calories because I just exercised for 30 minutes and then ate the egg.
In my Universe I'm hilarious.
In my Universe I don't notice the pile of dirty clothes sitting in the laundry room.
In my Universe my favorite authors are Rock Stars! Seriously - Rock Stars!
So my S.I.L. called Saturday morning and said, "Your favorite Rock Star thinks you're awesome and  wants to hang out with you and sign your book this morning. Lets go!"
Okay Not Really, what she said was, "Shannon Hale is having a book-signing this morning do you want to go with me?"

If you're wondering who Shannon Hale is she wrote The Newbery Award Winning Book,

as well as more adult themed books such as

This past week the sequel to Austenland was released and I have to admit I've been a little excited.
So when my SIL said, "Lets Go!" I just might have giggled and done a happy dance as well as a fist pump.
Just saying maybe......

So we went, we stood in line and discussed what we should call our fan club should we choose to form one.

My SiL came up with Hale-yeahs....that made us laugh really hard...
Later MDH came up with Hale's Angels, which is awesome because then we
could do a Charlie's Angels pose when we had club meetings.
Maybe I should email Shannon and ask her what she thinks ;)......

Anyway, we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs while we waited in line.
We didn't have to wait a long time because our group of  3 was second in line but the lady in front of us had a stack of books about 2 1/2 feet high for Shannon to sign.
We began to wonder if Shannon's hand was going to get cramped up before she got to us.
But we had faith in her book signing skills.
We decided that all authors must do hand strengthening exercises, how else could they sign so many books and not have their fingers fall off or have nerve damage?
So we laughed and joked and were, well, hilarious, in line.

Then it was our turn and I choked......I couldn't think of a thing to say.....then I blushed bright apple red.
So did my daughter.
I did tell Shannon we were going to go see the Muppet Movie that evening and I thought she'd appreciate it because she always writes on Facebook how much she likes the Muppet Movie
Pretty darn witty I know.....
She was gracious and told us how the man who had written on of the songs in the Muppet Movie was nominated for an Oscar was going to be in the Austenland movie and she adores him.
She tried to talk to my daughter about school but she was blushing and shy too.
Ahhh the family curse.

Needless to say Shannon Hale was charming and gracious.
Her book Midnight in Austenland has captured me
We had a great time at the book signing.
And when I say we had a great time I mean to the extent 
My daughter didn't complain about cleaning up the dog poop in the back yard when we got home
and that's saying something
Not that she usually complains a lot but all of the kids complain when it's their week
because, well, it's gross.
But she didn't complain and there was a lot of poop this week.

So the moral of the story is
A good book
A good time
A good book signing
A good laugh
A good & friendly author
And good friends
Can carry you through...
..even if what you need to be carried through is a lot of poop.

P.S. The Photos from the outing are thanks to my SiL's well insulated and sport sock protected camera! Thanks Tawnya for being prepared and for using a clean sock and for inviting us. You Rock!


A.L.L. said...

You are so funny. :)

Carol said...

irbuanosral: you are too and so kind. ;o)