Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quite A Week

Have you ever run down a steep hill and felt your top half get slightly off balance and out in front of your bottom half and you know you need to figure something out and get back in balance  because if you don't you're going to crash and burn face first and it just won't be pretty?
That's how I feel or felt.......only I did... crash and burn.
Even still with all of the crashing and burning it's hard to slow down. 

I should slow down more often and enjoy the scenes like this one out my back window.

My daughter took this picture she's turning out to be a pretty good photographer.

Anyway, back to the crashing and burning, my foot crashed into the door frame of my bathroom and I think I broke my toe. I didn't have any x-rays taken but I'm pretty sure it was broken. But telling people you broke your toe stubbing it on the door coming out of the bathroom just isn't exciting enough for me.  So after polling friends and family we've come up with two acceptable and more interesting stories.

  • While climbing Annapurna in Nepal I lost my footing on a sheer rock face and started to plummet to a certain painful death. Fortunately my fearless baby toe saved me by throwing its self at a sharp, jutting-out cluster of rocks and becoming wedged in a crack and thus saving my life. You saw the story on the news, no doubt.
  • We were walking through the African Savanna when a wild and ferocious wart-hog attacked my child. But my fearless and heroic baby toe fought it off with superhuman strength saving both  the life of my child and my life. Sadly my toe did suffer some injuries but they are not life threatening and it is believed my toe will make a full recovery.
Feel free to share either of the above stories if anyone asks you what happened to my toe.
But to tell you the truth I'm not sure they will ask you because it seems my toe has been recovering incredibly fast and I know it is a blessing.

So, I have these two incredible in-laws. 
They are hoping to adopt sooner rather than later and they asked me to take a few pictures of them. I am not a professional photographer by any means and I was flattered they'd ask because I do enjoy pretending to be a professional.  We had a great time and we even got some pretty decent shots.
If you'd like to learn more about them go HERE or HERE.

Later in the week the burning part of the crashing and burning came when I picked up my youngest's cold and I was burning up with a fever. I also lost my voice which is always fun when you're the ring leader, zoo keeper, wrangler, mother of five. Luckily for me they are really good kids and helped out as much as they could but I really didn't have time to stay down which is probably why I'm still fighting this silly cold.

It turns out the prospect of a solar eclipse is terrifying to my youngest. 
Our family was discussing the solar eclipse that's coming up at the end of this month and Utah is the perfect spot to view the eclipse. However, the idea of the moon passing in front of the sun sent my 5 year old into a fit of terror with shaking and crying. I'm not sure what she thinks is going to happen. Fire-benders won't have any fire bending powers during the eclipse but she's not a fire bender (silly avatar the last air bender reference) so that shouldn't bother her. She also hasn't cast any spells turning people into hawks and wolves that can be broken during an eclipse (LadyHawk) so I'm just not sure what she's worried about.
But in all seriousness I think it's just the unknown and the strangeness of it that's bothering her.
We tried to explain to her exactly what was going to happen and listen to her fears.
We then told her there are much stranger and scarier things in this world than an eclipse like this picture of her brother that her older sister took and messed with.
She laughed and agreed.

So here's to a new week and to not letting my head get in front of my feet.

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