Tuesday, April 30, 2013

There be pirates matey!

Avast! It be "P" week at Kindergarten! Argh, and that means it be Pirate day!
Captain Rosarita Chihuahua Hook be ready.

Thank goodness her older brother Captain Doodle Hook was willing to let her use his hat and jacket!

Halloweens past....circa 2004.
I think this was the last time we did a family theme. We're missing our 7 yo who was the crocodile from this picture.
Smee's striped shirt came from a good will bed sheet.
Capt. Hooks jacket and Smee's hat were a good will red polyester pant suit
Wendy's night gown was also from good will
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell were designed and sewn by me.
Crocodile (not shown) was also designed and sewn by me.
All of the costumes have come in handy over the years. Believe me we've seen our fair share of "P" week pirates in this house!

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