Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Have We Done?

I guess I'm looking for someone to reassure me or sympathize at least. But before you tell me you understand and it's all going to be alright you need to hear a story.

It all started back in January. My husband and I went for a drive around town, we like to look at houses and yards. January in Utah we were mostly looking at snow but we drove and chatted and enjoyed ourselves anyway. While we were on our drive we came upon a house for sale by owner in a neighborhood I absolutely love. I jokingly said, "Look, there's our new house." And I promptly called the number just to see how much they were asking. The price, size, bedrooms, lot size literally everything was perfect for us and despite the fact we weren't really looking for a new home we made an appointment to see the inside.
After seeing inside we loved it! But like I said we weren't exactly in the market for a new home.

This is where we should have put our house on the market and made them an offer but we didn't.

My two oldest keeping themselves busy while the two youngest look at toys.

Fast forward to the end of March and MDH and I are still thinking about that house.
By now the snow had melted and we loved the house and yard even more.
So, we made them an offer and listed our home with a real estate agent.
Because we'd waited they'd received another offer but for whatever reason that family couldn't close on a loan until August so they wanted to rent the house for June and July and then get a loan in August.
Our offer was contingent on the sale of our home.
From what we understood we had until June to sell our home and if we could do that the other house was ours.

In the first week of our home being listed we had 15 showings. That's pretty rough on a family of 7 but we managed.
No offers came.
6 weeks in (mid May) I was sick of cleaning and showing the house and so we decided it wasn't meant to be. We figured we'd give it until Memorial Day and then take our house off the market.

The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend we received an offer on our home. Unfortunately, we couldn't get a hold of the owner of the house we wanted to buy.
The offer was low so we counter offered, we didn't even really come down on our price and so we thought the buyer would either counter-offer us or walk away.

They accepted our offer on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Weekend spent in the top of the mountains.

We got a hold of the owner of the house we wanted to buy the next day. He told us his house was no longer available, the other family was moving in.

We were devastated.

We hoped our buyers would back out because of the inspection or appraisal. But so far everything looks good.

So here we are. Looking for another home to buy and we can't find ANYTHING! And it wasn't that we wanted to move because we didn't like this house or neighborhood we wanted to move because we LOVED the other house and neighborhood and well my husband does want a bigger yard.

Yes, we could back out of the sale but it would cost us a lot of live in our own house. And my husband still would like a larger yard.

So I'm just a little stressed.....

We only have two more weeks......

What have we done!......

A little luck sure would come in handy about now.....

Here is where you can jump in and tell me you did the same thing or it's going to be all right.
I really need to hear it right now.

Oh and we got a puppy on Memorial Day. Yes, yes we are crazy but she sure is cute and smart and she was a gift given out of love by someone who knows how much we miss our old dog.

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