Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween snuck up on me again.
Right in the middle of everything it snuck up on me!
I've been helping with costumes for our High School musical production and trying to turn 250 pounds of apples into sauce and pie filling as well as everything else so when my mom offered to make my youngest's Halloween costume I was so, so grateful.

To say it turned out perfectly would be an understatement. My mom is an artist with fabric and this is just further proof.

She used Simplicity pattern 1233

Last November, the day after we saw the movie Frozen as a family, my youngest decided she had her sister HAD to dress as Elsa and Anna for Halloween.

What's a mom to do?

However, because I am the queen of procrastination Elsa's dress wasn't even begun until around 8pm October 30th.
But I got it done. There's a lot I could have and should have done to it to make it more special but she was happy so that's good.

I used McCall's mp381

Sometimes it's hard for a preteen boy to decide what to be for Halloween but he finally settled on Mad Scientist. Such a easy and fun costume. The hair makes it.

We were able to get together with another lovely Elsa. This is my great-niece......oh man that makes me sound old.

And finally, Halloween wouldn't be complete without a few jack-o-lanterns.
This years selections included:

Randalf the wizard (Gandalf's less famous/successful brother)
A kitty and her pumpkin
Our Lab Sadie

The weather was perfect, everyone was healthy and it really was a great day.
Now bring on the turkey and the pumpkin pie.....
Thanksgiving here we come!

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