Tuesday, June 23, 2009

bouncing around in my head

I've had an idea for a table runner bouncing around in my head for a few weeks now.

Yesterday I finally got it out of my head and into some fabric.

When I have ideas like this they don't always turn out on the first try because I'm winging it -


Happily it turned out this time - the first time!!!!


I love it when that happens.

One reason why it turned out so well was this nifty tool my friend Nicole gave me that helps you to make mitred corners on bindings. She actually sent it last November and I haven't had the nerve to try it out until now.

Honestly, I was a little intimidated. But - Nicole kept telling me how easy it was and "that's why (she) sent it!" ---- So I tried it yesterday and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

Check out those mitred corners!!

Wow - Right?
and it's reversible too!

You can get one here or do a computer search for
Quick Easy Mitred Binding Tool and find one at a local quilting shop.
I think I'll be putting this table runner in my shop and I'm excited to try my pattern out on some different material!


Nicole said...

LOVE the black & white! great corners

The Gray Team said...

love the colors! So classic and versatile! Great job!

Lauren said...

Those are some nice corners!!
I might have to get me one of those thingers!
Love the table runner :)