Wednesday, June 24, 2009

water bottle sling and girl's camp

My oldest will be going to girl's camp with the young women from our church for the first time in a couple of weeks. I'm a little freaked out. How can I have a daughter that is old enough to go to girl's camp without me!!??!! Never the less she is and she will. So, I decided I needed to send a little mama love her way ----- just so she wouldn't forget who's going to be missing her every second she's away!

What better way to say I love you than with her very own Water Bottle Sling? - so she can stay hydrated while she's hiking - horseback riding - playing - crafting - and whatever else they'll be doing.


Isn't she beautiful?!

I'm still going to get some elastic chord to use as a drawstring for the top (through the striped binding on the top by the neck of the water bottle) -- there's just enough room in there for her water bottle and a granola bar or little bag of snack mix.
Eventually I want to write a tutorial on this but that probably won't be for a while.
I am going to carry these in my shop but I don't have any made up yet. If you'd like one for your own girls camp - or - whatever other adventures you may find yourself on this summer leave me a comment or email me and I'll hook you up.
By the way - I made the strap adjustable just so I can borrow it. Good thinking if I do say so myself.


mjs said...

That is so clever. Love it.

Lauren said...

Oh there's the flower print again! I love the water bottle sling and Banana looks all grown up modeling!!

grlsct said...

I love the water bottle would be a great project for our troop. Do you have the tutorial for this?