Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's been a long time since I last posted. Lets just say I've taught my kids to share too well------and they shared their cold with me!!!! Over the past week I've been sniffling, sneezing, feavering, and coughing up a lung or two. We here over at our house have dubbed ourselves the

'Cough-n-Hackle Choir'


Now on to sewing stuff.

It's time you knew................I'm a Bernina Gall!...........always have been!!!
I've sewed a little on other machines but I learned on a Bernina and I LOVE my Bernina!!!!!
While surfing around on other blogs I found this web site by Bernina with fun project ideas and patterns!!! How cool is that?

A problem a lot of beginning sewers have that can really scare them away from sewing is thread tension!!! Knowing your machine and reading the manual can help a lot as well as having your machine in top notch condition (take it in and have it serviced! Just like you would your car - only by a sewing machine mechanic).
This video I found on sewing republic could help too.
Good Luck and Happy Sewing!!!!
Let me know what you think!!!

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Lauren said...

Thank you!!
I have a bernina and my problem is always thread tension.. I still consider myself a beginning sewer. These links should help!
Oh and sorry you guys were sick. We've had the stomach flu around here.. not fun!