Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fabric Covered Button Tutorial

I have no idea why - but I've been a little intimidated by fabric covered buttons. How do they work? Why do they work? Will they take a long time to do? Why not just use a regular button?
So I never tried it out. Just too many questions. --- (The lady that invented them even used to live by me and she had them all over her house. She was trying to get them in stores. I bet she's really rich by now.)
Anyway - I got this really cute pattern for a posey and it called for a fabric covered button. I knew it was time I finally broke down and tried it out. And guess what? It wasn't as bad as I thought. Sure it took me 45 minutes. I told you I have a really big learning curve - but guess what else? The next one took me less than 5 minutes because I figured out what I was doing wrong.
So---- I thought I'd share----- that way your first one will take you only 5 minutes!!!! YIPEEEE!!!
1) Buy Buttons to be Covered. I suggest getting the ones that come in the kit because the tools are totally worth it!!! Look for them to be on sale or use a coupon because I think they're a little pricey.
2) Read the instructions on the back and look at the diagrams and say, "HUH???" then repeat!!!

3) Trace the pattern from the back of the packaging onto a piece of paper (I used freezer paper) and cut out. That way you won't have to mutilate your really helpful instructions.
4) Place pattern on desired fabric with the straight side on the fold and cut around your half circle pattern but not on the strait side so when you're done you have a full circle.
Got it? --- Any questions so far?

5) Now, look at your circle -- it's not perfect -- but guess what? doesn't matter! No one will ever know! As long as it's close to being the same size as your pattern you're fine.

6) Place your fabric on the little white rubber thing with the printed side of your fabric facing DOWN!!!
7)Place top metal part of your button on top of the material with the teeth (pointy things) up.
8) Place blue plunger on top of button and push very hard. (look at the force I'm exerting on that poor little finger of mine - pay no attention to the ill manicured nail -- too much to do to worry about a manicure right?)

9) Once it's down you can start folding the material down and pushing it onto the teeth of the button. After most of it's down use your blue plunger to push on it and make sure all of the material is secure.
Good Job! You're a natural!

Lookin' Good!

10) Now the tricky part!!! You need to push the button back onto the main part of the button. This will hold your fabric in place. The illustrations on the back of the box mixed me up here and I pushed and pushed for a very long time then I flipped the back over and tried again and it popped right on. --- When you push the back of you're button on there should be letters stamped on it - the letters should be readable, not backward, if they are you have it the right way. If you don't have letters look at the pictures here and you can figure it out.

11) Use your blue stopper to make sure the back is on securely.
12) Pull back on the edges of the white rubber thing and pop your button out.
Now wasn't that easy?! and quick?! Look at you're cute button! You did it! I knew you could do it!

Maybe I'm the last person/seamstress/crafter to try this but if not I hope you found this helpful. And, you can make your own flower with cute fabric covered button in the center.......

.....perfect for your patchwork skirt (made from Moda precut charm pack fabric if you don't want to cut your own) I'm going to show you how to make soon.
And if you haven't heard of Moda Bake Shop click here to check it out. They have some fun, free projects and patterns for their fabric.

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Lauren said...

That is the cutest fabric covered button/flower I have ever seen! Way to conquer your fear!!