Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crocheted Dishcloths/ Washcloths

My oldest has been learning to crochet over the past year. I'm so thrilled she's taken a liking to it. I told her if she made some dishcloths/washcloths I'd list them in the store and if they sold she could keep the money.
When I told her this her eyes lit up and I could almost hear the little "ch-ching" in the background.
I think she does a great job!

I learned from my mom and grandma so teaching her is like I'm passing on the legacy.
Yet another thing that makes me smile!


Lauren said...

My great-grandma made some of these for me before she died. They are in my cedar chest!
Thats so cool you are teaching Banana :)

The Gray Team said...

everything looks great! Seems that your shop is doing well. so I have a crafting question. I just received some hand me down jackets that are in great condition, except the zipper. The zipper part goes up and down is broken. The rest of the zipper is still good. Can I replace just the one part? what do you think?

Carol said...

Hey Gray Team!
Great question! I've never replaced just the part of the zipper that goes up and down---but I have replaced zippers in many a jacket, coat, vest and robe. I just find a similar zipper and unpick the existing zipper (they usually come out very easily) and stitch back in using a similar stitch length and try to stay in the same previous stitch line.
Good luck! I'd love to see pics when you get it done.

The Gray Team said...

o.k. I'll try. Zippers are my nemesis (sp?)!