Wednesday, August 19, 2009's been a while....OOPS I MEAN CRAFTGAWKER!!

Thought I'd post about an awesome website I just discovered.
Yep, I may be the last crafter on the face of the earth to hear about this but just in case I'm not I thought I'd share.
This site features great photography of handmade items.
Crafters can submit their photography to the site and if it's good enough they accept it and post it on their site and link it to the crafter's blog or shop site. In my case to my etsy shop.
I've had one photo accepted. I was so excited. Here's the link.
Once you're there and look at my fun little wallet then click on 'home' at the top left or click on 'popular' to see the most popular photos. (if people like the photo they click on the little heart next to it and the site keeps track of your hearts and ranks you accordingly).
I have to say I was excited when they emailed saying they'd accepted my photo.
But you will be amazed at the talent out there. I was!

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