Monday, August 24, 2009

Yellowstone ROCKS!

My Sis-in-Law and her husband went to Yellowstone last week. Being the thoughtful people that they are they brought us a tasty treat! Chocolate Rocks! These things are so realistic looking our two year old refuses to even try them. You need to understand that she is a chocolate fiend! She loves chocolate, adores chocolate and can sniff it out from a mile away..........she takes after her mother I guess. Yet, she won't try a sing one of these chocolate rocks. Although, this means more for me I can't help but feel a little bad because she's missing out on something I know she'd enjoy. Yesterday I asked her why she doesn't want to try them she said, "Because mom, rocks hurt my teeth and they're NOT tasty, they're gross and dirty." I just imagine in her little mind she's thinking I've tried to eat rocks before and they are not good. Why do these people keep trying to feed me rocks?

More for us!!! Thanks Tawn & Mike for the treat!

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