Friday, August 21, 2009

New Purse/Tote in Amy Butler Midwest Modern Garden Maze

I bought this Amy Butler fabric last year before we moved. I was going to make an apron out of it for an apron making contest at the local quilt shop. But then we moved and I didn't end up using the fabric for anything until now.

I wanted to make a tote/purse/scripture case. It didn't turn out quite as I'd envisioned it, my measurements were a little off, but it still turned out pretty good...if I do say so myself.

I think it will work out great for any of the uses I orginally intended it for.

Plus it comes with a Key-Fob, Coin Purse, inside zippered pocket and latch to hold your keys or coin purse.

To tell you the truth I think I like it even better than the original version I had for this tote/purse. I love it when a mistake turns out better than what you planned!!!

So lets talk about this fabric a little more.
On etsy they have forums, one of them is a critique forum where you can have your shop or your products critiqued by other etsy sellers.
I posted this bag on there to see what others had to say.
On lady said the fabric reminded her of a modern William Morris textile.
I guess I'm not that with it or that cultured because I had no idea what she was saying. If we'd been talking face to face I would have had that fake smile, yes, I know exactly what you're talking about look on my face. But because I was in the cyberworld it was pretty easy to fake that I knew what she was talking about.
So, I looked William Morris up on Wikipedia.
I think she was right, it reminds me of a modern William Morris too.
I learned something new! Etsy is Educational too!!!


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Really wonderful work! Your product photography is very good too. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me too!


Lauren said...

Vey nice! I love the colors!!