Friday, December 18, 2009

Teachers and Friends Christmas Gifts

For the past three Christmases we've been able to use the same idea for teacher and neighbor gifts. That's what happens when you just keep moving.

I told my husband we were going to have to sell the house and move again by next Christmas so we could give the same easy gifts and it would seem like a new and fun idea to the recipients.

This fantastical gift is a pineapple.

Who doesn't love fresh fruit? AND it's so easy.

Print up a little label. Punch a couple holes. Thread a ribbon through, around and tie. There you've got it the perfect teacher/neighbor gift. My elem. age boys were excited to give these to their teachers.

It's a little trickier to think of easy/inexpensive gifts for a Junior High School girl to give to her friends but I think we managed. Again, we waited until the night before these gifts needed to be given to get our craft on but we made it.
What was our brilliant plan this year? (Last year we made head-bands and key-chains)
Book-marks, rings and magnets out of fabric covered buttons, dished up and served with some Hershey kisses and a strawberry candy cane.

I bought my supplies from a fellow Etisian, Every Thing Ribbons

At their shop they have the

large paper clips with the glue pad,

adjustable rings with a glue pad

and Fabric covered button sets with flat back (no shank for sewing)

As well as lots of other great supplies.

There I've just shared what I consider to be one of my greatest finds on Etsy!

If you're going to try this out make sure you get a strong adhesive.
This is the one I use. It takes 24 hours to set up and it stinks big time but is very strong.

I ran out of the flat back buttons and used some with shanks on them. I just used some pliers to pry the shanks off.

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