Friday, January 29, 2010

New Paint --- I love it!

Yet again I've fallen so far behind on my blogging. I've been meaning to post this for forever.

One of the first things I did to this house, before we even moved in, the day after we got the keys, was rip down the awful wallpaper boarders in the bathroom and the kitchen. I didn't even think to take a before picture I just took it down. We (mostly MDH) painted the kitchen over New Years and I said I was going to paint the bathroom.............10 months later it still wasn't done. In stepped my knight in shining armor and got the job done!!!
These photos are the most "before" pictures I can offer!

He replaced the light fixture too. No more Hollywood dressing room light fixture!

She was dad's helper every step of the way!
You can tell it was still warm then, look at those shorts and flip-flops!

Okay so not the best picture but you get the idea. (BTW it is so hard to take a picture of a light fixture!) Blue walls, new fixture, new towel hooks, new shower curtain, new pictures on the wall.
The picture frames were a dollar a piece at the thrift store and then I sanded and spray painted them, the pictures inside are from our trip to England! I'm still planning on getting new bath mats and some more decorations.
I love the blue!

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