Friday, January 29, 2010

Fabric Labels, Etsy Find or DIY!

I've always enjoyed perusing Etsy. There are so many talented artists there. Because I'm a seamstress I like to see what others are sewing and when I first started selling on Etsy I was very jealous of the pretty tags people had to brand their items.

A few Google searches turned up some companies with great products but just too pricey for me.


An Etsy search was much more productive for fabric labels in my price range.

I purchased a few times from Etsy Seller "Mommie Made it". She was great to work with and I love her designs. See picture below.

But being the DIY kind of gal I am I decided to try some on my own.

I purchased this tutorial (also on Etsy)
and found the tips helpful but the templates useless.

So using Avery Iron on Transfer Paper and my 1995 edition of Print Shop (label maker application).
I came up with a simple design that I really like. Unfortunately, my printer will only print black or blue so my color choices are limited (I have issues with my 1995 printer but the darn thing just won't die!)
One of these days I'm going to get me an illustrator program and a new printer and then just go to town inventing my own labels. Until then these will have to do.
And if I can do it with my 15 year old equipment (150 in computer years) you can do it!
You can buy it! Mommie Made It is great to work with.
***by the way I've tried using Modge Podge to attach a label to the back of a wood craft and it worked GREAT!!!

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Jamie said...

Hi Carol,

I received my bag holder today...and I LOVE IT!! Thanks so much, you do beautiful work!