Friday, January 29, 2010


Sounds like a spooky story a scout would tell around the camp-fire.
Alternate title:
Bowlers Beware!!!

Behind this seemingly innocent, purple-ish bandage lurks an infection of epic proportions!
An infection that at any moment could turn into a giant slim monster and stomp through the streets of Salt Lake City smashing houses, eating cars and making little school girls cry out, "Sweet polyester! What is that thing?!"

It all started with our annual MLKJ (civil liberties) day bowling outing, a hang-nail and a bowling alley borrowed ball with finger holes just a smidgen too small.

(Side note- we started this bowling tradition back in GP. What better way to celebrate knocking down the barriers and walking a mile in another's shoes?)

We all had a great time and MDH barely noticed when his finger got caught in the ball and the hang-nail ripped off. WE all took notice when his finger started to swell and change color. Epsom Salt soaks and Neosporin applications proved to be no match for the monster growing within.
After some nagging from me and "Thou shalt obey thy parents" (Thanks mom) we found ourselves at the InstaCare where the on duty Dr. agreed his finger did look like a monster and we needed to take action.
Unfortunately, taking action included numbing (the worst part because one of the shots was right in the cuticle! YIKEES!) and scrubbing the finger as well as a tetanus shot and some antibiotics.

MDH's mom said he would get better faster because he listened to his mother and went to the Dr. We're all banking on that! (Again thanks mom.)

In the mean time (until the bandage gets changed to a different color anyway) it's open season on Barney songs around here. But I think MDH and I are the only ones allowed to do that. So if you see us and you sing a Barney song

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