Monday, April 19, 2010

Clean Your Iron

So I haven't been following my own advice. (Click here) 
And I didn't use a press cloth while applying interfacing a few times. The results were a bit disasterous.
We're talking interfacing stuck to my iron, burned on glue that wasn't going to come off for anything.
In walk the teachings of my mother.
A long time ago she showed me how to get burned-on food cleaned off of pans and dishes using baking soda.
So I think to myself, "Self, maybe baking soda will get this burned on crud off your iron."
So I tried it!
IT worked!!!
See how shiny my iron is?
I should have taken a before pic.
This is what I did.

  • In a 9x13 cake pan I folded a dish towel and wet it thoroughly with water.

  • Then I sprinkled Baking Soda on the wet towel, liberally.

  • I heated up my iron and then unplugged it.

  • Then I layed it face down on the wet towel covered in baking soda. (the heat made the B.Soda bubble and fizz a little but no worries.)

  • Let sit for 10 min.

  • Wiped off iron....was a bit amazed at how easily the burned crud wiped off.....and then I rinsed and dried the face of my iron.
Can you see how shiny my iron is?
You can see a bit of the left over baking soda on the dish towel.

Just another reason why Baking Soda is my favorite cleaner (did you notice my box of B.Soda is industrial size? I use it a lot!).  Vinegar runs a close second.
Happy cleaning!

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