Friday, April 23, 2010

If it's good enough for the Grouch I guess it won't kill my son.

My son is working on his Citizen in the Community merit badge. He has to do 8 hrs of service. He's been helping at a local university ag. center/garden. He and his friend had to dump this trash can of junk into the dumpster. His friend accidentally dropped the trash can in the dumpster.

So my son says, "It's times like these I forget about personal hygene." and climbs into the nasty dumpster for the huge trash can.

Um, ew!
But what do you say to your son when he's telling you this and he's abviously proud of himself?

I said the only thing I could,
 "Wow! :S
Good job.
I hope you washed your hands.
Go wash your hands.
Go take a shower!"

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