Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Call Me Julie

What do you do to keep your five children busy  and from strangling each other happy during their 90 days of summer freedom?
  • lessons, ie. music, tennis, swimming?
  • cleaning, their rooms, the windows, the closets?
  • movies?
  • games?
  • swimming?
  • vacations?
  • send them out the door and tell them not to come back until dinner?
  • crafts?
I've been trying a combination of all of the above and frankly I do feel like an Activities Director/Cruise Director so you can call me Julie.
We've been having fun though.
There have been plenty of rounds of our new favorite game, Wackee Six.
A few crafts and a few sewing lessons......I'll post those soon.
Lots of movies....We just purchased a set from our childhood and the kids love it....Ducktales and the older ones enjoyed renting Alice in Wonderland and Percy Jackson
Speaking of renting movies, Now that we have teenagers and preschoolers we can never leave the Redbox/rental store with just one, it takes at least three dvds to make our whole clan happy.  That's why I enjoy getting our dvds from our local library, They're FREE!!! Can't beat FREE!!!!
We've also spent some time at the pool and hanging with the cousins.
I guess you could say we're spending summer the way it should be.

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