Monday, August 2, 2010

When Cheese Attacks

If you're going to shake the Parmesan cheese really hard to break up the cheese balls please be sure the lid is on tight!
After the cheese went flying everywhere this is what I heard.

  • Baby Girl: Gannoli, Gannoli! (Not sure what this means, maybe she was copying me)
  • Oldest Son: Holy flying cheese batman!
  • Middle Son: Why do the dairy products keep exploding at our house! (a couple of weeks ago a brand new gallon of milk got dropped and exploded in the kitchen - milk EVERYWHERE!)
  • Youngest Son: OH MAN!
  • Oldest of All-Second Mother-Girly Girl: What happened? -----There's cheese in your hair mom.
Youngest Son grabbed the camera so we could record this for our posterity.

And this dude grabbed the broom and started cleaning up the floor before I was even sure what had happened.

Then he turned the broom into a guitar and took a second to serenade us as Elvis.
Elvis has cleaned the building!

Yes, we are a lively group!

Please, consider this just a friendly warning. Cheese can attack!

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A.Larson said...

haha, I saw this and totally laughed out loud. So funny-