Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Donut Falls, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah -- A hike for the whole family

I love traditions. They are what define and bind a family. 
Many fond memories are born in and of simple, sweet traditions. 
Our family has a tradition of going on a hike on Labor Day. 
That's a good question. 
Maybe it's our way of saying farewell to summer. Maybe one Labor Day we decided to go on a hike and had so much fun we decided to do it again the next year. 
Probably it's both. 
When we lived in Oregon we enjoyed hiking to Rainie Falls and watching the salmon jump. They were awe-inspiring (the falls and the salmon). 
2007 we hiked to Long Lake, Little Bear Lake and Big Bear Lake CA. Each of which was beautiful.
2008 We had just moved to Utah and it was raining buckets so we did some Urban Hiking around the bustling metropolis of Ogden UT.
2009 Waterfall Canyon, Ogden UT, what do I say about this hike....hard...long...particularly when you had your tonsils out 3 weeks previously to hiking...but beautiful views.

This year we conquered Donut Falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. This is a very family friendly hike.
It's called Donut Falls because the water falls into a round donut shape in the rock and comes out in a cave underneath.  The hike out and back is about 1.5 miles which I think is the perfect length.
There is a scramble up some steep rocks to get right to the waterfall and the cave but you don't have to do that part to enjoy the falls.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
We marveled at the Quaking Aspen....

Enjoyed doughnuts at Donut Falls.....

Were surprised at the number of people who also enjoy hiking on Labor Day.......

Thrilled at the beauty and power of this natural wonder....

And then headed home in traditional style.....
.....with me bringing up the rear....

Who knows where we'll hike next year.
The fun thing is the kids are already talking about next year.
Tradition mission accomplished!

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Sarah B. said...

What a great tradition! Looks like it was a fun and beautiful hike :). And it warms my heart to know that there were actual donuts at Donut Falls!!