Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some New Fabric and New Inspiration -- Moda I love you....

While browsing my local craft/quilting shop I couldn't help but notice one of the new collections of fabric produced by Moda, designed by Kate Spain, Fandango.

So yummy, I'm in love.

It's quite invigorating to me when I see new fabric and get inspired.

Thank you Moda! (btw I am in no way affiliated with or payed by Moda, just love their fabric.)

So I used a couple of these fat quarters to make a little tote bag and coordinating crayon roll for my niece's birthday.......um.... forgot to take pictures...whoops....I even forgot to seal the ends of the ribbon ties and had to give my sister-in-law instructions on how to do it....she probably already knew how...but I did anyway....I guess my brain is spread a little thin these days.

Along with these fat quarters I purchased a charm pack......Ideas are spinning around my brain just waiting to tumble out....I can't wait for a little extra time to work on it.

In the meantime I'm nursing back to health a sick 3 year old who has to miss her first day of preschool and her first day of dance class today. It's pathetic but she's a trooper.
And I'm working on getting orders out the door.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday.

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