Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rollin' in Color

Crayon Roll Black Stripe                                                              Crayon Roll Turquoise Dot

Ahhhh! Color!
I've always enjoyed it.
Can you remember the smell of a fresh box of crayons?
And the crisp edges on the tip of your never before used crayon?
Sometimes I didn't want to ruin them by using them.
But I never could resist for very long.
And when I did use them I just had to roll them every few strokes so that the crayon would wear evenly.
Did you do that?
My favorite part of coloring was showing my mom what I was in the process of doing or had just finished.
I just knew she'd love it.
Because she loved me
and it was part of me.
Crayons remind me of my mom.
I'm a sucker for a new box of crayons for my kids....
pretty much every time they ask for one they get it.
That's how I roll.
I decided to make a couple of crayon rolls for my two youngest kiddos.
(just the youngest two because I didn't think the one teen and two preteens would appreciate or use a crayon roll)
AND my childlings think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.
I've had quite a few people out and about at church, doctor's office, etc. ask about them so I decided to make a couple for the shop.
I'll be adding more but for now there are just two.
And I'm in love with all of that fun color.
And of course I showed my mom......
I just knew she'd love them...
because she loves me....
...that's how she rolls....


Sarah B. said...

Those are just darling! And I, too, loved the smell and feel of a brand new box of crayons -- it reminds me of the excitement of the first day of school :)

Dave and Natalie said...

These are cute...when I saw them it reminded me of something I saw on another blog the other's a hot wheels holder with pockets on the bottom and a "road" on the top, fold it in half, roll it up, viola!! I could probably find it again if you're interested

Amnah said...

Mmmmm... fresh crayons. Can't be beat! I really need to try making one of these crayon rolls.