Monday, October 25, 2010

Indiana Jones Adventure Party

I wish I could say everything about this party was completely my own idea because I am that good and that creative.  But I'll be the first to admit I'm not and I'm so grateful for the internet and people who share their great ideas.

The Indiana Jones Party and party favors were inspired by this blog.

The treat names were my idea so I guess I'm not absolutely useless. What we served however, was not my idea. Do you remember that Mr.Man was without a doubt beyond picky about the treats he will allow past his lips?
Well, he still is. So I asked him what he'd like to have at his birthday party he said,
Rice Crispy Treats
No-Bake Cookies
Plain Cupcakes

I said what's the fun in that? We're having an Indiana Jones - Adventure Party, for crying out loud!
So we had....

Adventure Juice = Root-beer

B.T.W. I think the color on the frosting was a little too greenish, brownish gray because not a single boy ate a cupcake. 

So I need to tell some party details -- mostly so I can have them written down somewhere where I can find it just in case I need to do another one of these someday.
And I will take credit for the activities.

After all the boys arrived we talked about who Indiana Jones was and what he did.
The boys said he was an "Adventurer - Archaeologist."
I told them that they were going to get to be Adventurers just like Indiana Jones but they needed to prove they were fast enough, strong enough, and brave enough.
They had 4 challenges and if they passed a challenge then they would be rewarded with a clue to where one of Indiana Jones' things was hidden. 

First we played pin the "X" on the treasure on a giant map we have on the wall in our basement while older brother helped get things ready for our first challenge.

Challenge #1 = Archaeologists search for remains of ancient civilizations = find a hidden skull.
(I had my holder son hide a bunch of plastic skulls in the front yard, kind of like an easter egg hunt. I got a package of 10 skulls at the dollar store (the dollar store was my friend during my preparations). Each boy was supposed to come and sit on the porch after he found his skull)
Reward #1 clue to where I.J. satchel is hidden.

Challenge #2   = I.J. is fast and agile = see how fast you can complete and obstacle coarse. (Part of the obstacle coarse involved dodging bullets and darts (the boys had to dodge really soft nurf like balls the other boys were throwing)).
Reward #2 = clue to where provisions are hidden (goldfish, fruit snack, capri sun)

Challenge #3 = I.J. is strong = Swing over a pit of snakes on a rope. 
(So the rope was hung off of the monkey bars on the swing set and the boys had to swing from one 2x4 to another 2x4 but they're 7 and if you tell them they're swinging over a pit of snakes you better believe they can imagine it as vividly as if it were real!)
Reward #3 = clue find their whips

Challenge #4 = I.J. is brave = Be brave enough to feel real brains monkey eye-balls. (So it was pasta and peeled grapes but the boys were pretty grossed out by it!)
Reward #4 = clue to their Indian Jones hats.....the most important part of all of this. 

The boys ate the whole thing up and I loved how much they loved it all!

After all of the fun we did the traditional open presents thing, but Mr.Man didn't want to blow out candles so we just ate the tasty bug treats.
The boys loved this too and they would say things like, "Can I have some more candied grubs please."
And when I forgot and accidentally asked they boys if they'd like root-beer I was reminded by all of the boys shouting at me, "You mean Adventure Juice?!"
But of course I meant Adventure Juice!!

There you have it!
Our boy's 7th birthday party!
And then I collapsed from exhaustion☺!

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