Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Gift Idea!!! Inspirational Metal Tag Necklaces...

So I was going to wait until I gave these necklaces to share them here but I just couldn't wait any longer!
They're just too cute!
I'm sure you've seen these fun personalized tag necklaces around.
They're everywhere right now.
I thought they'd make a perfect Christmas gift for the young women I work with at church but I wasn't loving the price of the pre-made versions. 
You can't beat the quality and convenience of purchasing them pre-made but the $ times 13 (okay 15 because the other leader and I need one too)  just wasn't going to jive with the budget.
So what's a girl to do?
Well........if you're feeling crafty, make some yourself or call a friend and work on it together....like I did!
My friend was the other YW's leader. We hammered it out on my little front porch. (Another neighbor stopped by and said it looked like we were playing jacks ☺ Funny! That's just what we like to do in our spare time all right!)
So I know you're just itching to make some of these super easy, super quick necklaces yourself!
And now you won't even have to search out your own suppliers (unless you want to).
Scroll down for my sources (Thank you Etsy and the Internet!).

What you'll need:
  • Aluminum Tags: By Extra Stuff  (Here)
  • Pearls: By Goshen (Here)
  • Ball Chain: By Twpmango (Here)
  • Metal Stamps: By Harbor Freight (Here)
  • Black Sharpie
  • Baby Wipes
  • hammer
  • Jump Rings
There are lots of tutorials available about metal stamping that could help with details but a brief overview goes a little like this.
* Use a hammer with the metal stamps to imprint your message on your aluminum tag.
* With a very fine tip Sharpie color inside of the letters on your tag.
* Wipe  the excess black off from around the letters on the tag with a baby wipe.
* Open up a jump ring slightly, slide the aluminum tag and a pearl on the jump ring and then squeeze the ring closed.
* Open Ball Chain, slide through jump ring. Close the ball chain and.....
You're DONE!!! Enjoy!


A.Larson said...

I know these are all over but yours really are extra cute, love them.

Lauren said...

You should totally sell them! Way cute. :)

Elizabeth said...

LOVE THIS! I have been researching how to do this for Christmas gifts. Never thought to look at Harbor Freight for the metal stamps. You may have just finished my Christmas shopping for the females on my list.

The Cairns Family said...

What size tag did you use? Thanks for sharing your sources! I think we may do these for New Beginnings!

Carol said...

The tags I used are 1 inch. Good luck if you decide to make them. I think they'd be really cute for New Beginnings.

Pure Impressions Design said...

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