Monday, January 10, 2011


{tap, tap, tap, tap} Is this thing on?


{clearing throat}

It's been a while, I know.
We celebrated a lot last month.
Between family parties, birthdays, Christmas & New Years; throw in Christmas shopping, candy making, crafting, gift making, lesson giving, visiting, sledding, football watching, game playing, cooking, more family dinners, learning & loving..and before any of that could be done SEWING SEWING SEWING...We had a very busy month.
.....But we survived!
...and this past week...
after the kids went back to school....
But it felt good.

So I thought I'd share 1 out of the handful of pictures I snapped in the month of December.

First, the day before Christmas, I was in the kitchen (strategic neighbor gift giving planning and prep zone) preparing neighbor gifts to be delivered by my elves when I heard my husband call out, 
"There's the Grinch! He's driving down the street in his chair."
I ran to the door just in time to see him turn the corner and go around the block.
So, I grabbed my camera and waved him down as he came back around the block.
He said he was looking for little Cindy.
Isn't this awesome!

Did you notice the green grass.
Like I said this picture was taken Dec. 24th. By December 27th the green grass was gone and we were officially  blanketed in winter white that stuck around.
Not sure how I feel about that....still undecided!

Happy Monday!

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