Monday, May 9, 2011

impromptu project

Let me start with two facts.
I love the Internet and the myriad of people who are willing to share their fabulous ideas - for free!
I love my great friends and their willingness to share their great ideas and the great ideas they find on the Internet with me.

This very quick project inspiration came to me by way of my friend Shonda,
The process was developed by Infarrantly Creative,
Digital picture available from Lil' Luna,
And picture printed at Costco

Finally, the frame and mat were obtained at our local thrift store. They were circa early 90's and the mat in particular was trendy early 90's colors....not my favorite right now. 
(Sorry, I was too excited to get started so I didn't take any before pictures.)
But they just got a make-over with some Krylon satin black spray paint.
So fast and easy.
The only hard part was keeping the cotton from the cottonwood trees from sticking to the wet paint.

For the photo I used spray adhesive to attach it to some foam board cut to fit in the frame.
Then I spread mod-podge over the photo laid a piece of canvas over the photo and mod-podge and pulled it off leaving the imprint of the grain of the fabric giving the look of the photo  being printed on canvas.
Infarrantly Creative has a detailed tutorial.

My only tip is to indeed follow her advice and use the brush-stroke mod-podge. I only had regular matte finish mod-podge and although it worked fine it didn't hold the detail of the canvas as much as I would have liked.
I'll be doing this again on a family photo and use the brush-stroke mod-podge for sure.

You wouldn't believe how quickly this worked up and I love it!
This picture is going to be a part of a grouping for my living room.
I want to have this room all decorated and acting as a formal living room by Sept. We've lived here for 2 1/2 years now and it's time I decorated!
I'll keep you posted on the progress.

In the meantime I'll be adjusting a dress for Banana to wear to her choir concert tonight. (it was my mom's dress and she looks beautiful in it...Banana's choir is singing songs from the musical Hairspray.)
Also, I need to pick up black color hairspray and dark make-up for Doodle and Banana who are a part of a local production of  the King and I put on by our church this week......we'll see how well I can make my two extremely white skinned, blond and red headed children look like they have beautifully colored Asian skin and hair.
Wish me luck.


A.L.L. said...

Ghasp! I love this. You are one of those people who actually DO the projects you're inspired by. I on the other hand, am more of a dreamer..haha, dangit! I can't wait to see your living room finished.

Tamie said...

THAT. IS. TOTALLY. WICKED!!!!! (sorry, had to throw that in there in homage to Incredibles....)
seriously though: awesome (said with a sing-song voice!)
that gal over at infarrantly creative is pretty wonderful with her ideas....i would have NEVER thought to just put canvas on my modge podge to get the "effect" (and not necessarily the price)
i WILL be doing this one sometime soon!