Friday, May 13, 2011

We've been a bit consumed in this household with a production of The King and I this week.
Two of my children are experiencing the wonderful world of Musical Theatre.
With dress rehearsals Tuesday and Wednesday, then performances Thursday, Friday and Saturday as well as end of level testing in school this week and a Choir concert on Monday our family's nerves are paper thin. But we're hanging in there.
Our church is putting this musical on. Their goal is to provide good family entertainment....and so it's free to attend!
I watched their first performance last night and I was amazed at the level of talent there on that stage. This was not a thrown together production, it was well thought out and well executed.
I have to say that all of that practicing has paid off!
And I'm amazed at the level of dedication shown by everyone involved.

My part has been minimal.
I helped with a few costumes.
But I'm proud to have my children involved with all of these wonderful people.
What a great experience this has been for them.
So, here's my public
Thank You! to all those that have made this possible.

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