Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I like to look for rainbows

It was a very big day around here a couple of weekends ago.
Our son was Baptized.
And then we hosted a dinner for our family (on both sides) at our house.
We had about 45 guests.
Like I said it was a very big day!

So how do you decorate when you're hosting a party and the guest of honor is a boy but you still want it to be fun and not just blue plus inexpensive and easy but fabulous and did I mention for a boy?

Call a friend.....
Get a great suggestion and then let the good times roll!

I called my friend Shonda (amazing photographer, creative genius) who said she'd seen a cute rainbow party on a blog somewhere....
Then she reminded me of this song the kids sing at church.

Rainbows! Perfect!
So I used the words from the song and made these two printables. 

I decorated with balloons and crepe paper in rainbow colors.
Each table was covered with a tablecloth one color in the rainbow.
The smaller printable was in the center of the table with pictures of our boy around it.
My daughter helped me make these fabulous cupcakes, (recipe here)

image source OurBestBites.com
Which we proudly displayed on a cupcake stand with one of the small printables I made on top.

My boy loved it.
I loved it.
and guess who didn't get a single picture!
Yep, to busy with everything else and forgot the pictures.
That's okay.
This way you can imagine it as amazing and colorful as you want and I'll just say, "you bet, that's exactly what it looked like!"


irbuanosraL said...

Whatever!!! I had no idea you had a theme going on, on top of all the other details that go into a baptism/get together. SUPER cute idea, love it for boys.

the Eggett's said...

Hi, I found your (i like to look for rainbows) baptism printables on pinterest, but I didn't realize they were copyrighted. Do you sell them? We are having a baptism preview this sunday for our ward and I would love to print a couple of these out to go with the theme.

let me know, Thanks


Tricia said...

I LOVE this subway art! Do you sell it on Etsy? My daughter is getting baptized next month and I would love to frame a copy! sdntlyoung@msn.com

Stephanie said...

Having a rainbow baptism party next week and would love to download these printables. Do you sell them? Thanks!

Kim said...

Please let me know if I could buy your printables...I LOVE them!!! We are having a baptism soon. Please email me at kimmyhansen@gmail.com

Kim said...

I have never heard back regarding your printables. I love your big rainbow song sign. Any way to pay and get a copy??? kimmyhansen@gmail.com

The J J Glenn Family said...

I too would love your copyright on this! I love love love. Can you email me and let me know. Thanks

Jennifer said...

Would you mind sending me those printables for a baptism tomorrow? Thank you!!! peinejennifer at yahoo dot com

Brenda said...

May I please have the baptism printable? It is awesome. Loganbunns@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

Can I get a copy of the rainbows printables please? I would like to use them for a gift for a baptism. bkbohne@hotmail.com

Russ Gifford said...

I would Love a copy of these printable s please email me at giffordfam@gmail.com

Unknown said...

How do I get a printable of the rainbows cards? I looked to buy them on Etsy but they weren't there. My email is tkotter@live.com