Monday, October 24, 2011

Living Room Curtains and Computers

I know, I know, enough with my living room already!
But I'm just so excited with how it turned out!
I know I've said this before I am NOT a decorator.
It's taken me over 2 years since purchasing our home to get over the "I'm just renting this place, I can't do much to it" way of thinking.
But here we are and I think I can honestly say.....I'm over it.
I should have been over it a long, long time ago!

So here's a little tour of my front living room and where everything came from.

I made the curtains.
 I'd picked my paint color and I had an idea of what I wanted for the curtains but I wasn't set in stone for the fabric. I wasn't even sure I wanted to sew my own curtains.

Then one day I walked into Hancock Fabric and I saw this fabric smiling at me from across the room.
It was simple and unique, just what I was looking for.
It was their anniversary sale and so I got a really, really good deal on the fabric.
I ordered 10 yards to make my 4 panels.
I didn't measure the fabric before I left the store (I trusted them) ended up they shorted me 6 inches!
Not having that 6 inches made me mad first of all and almost did me in on being able to make my curtains because I didn't realize I was 6 inches short until I was measuring and cutting my 4th and last panel.
I'd purchased an extra yard separate from my 10 yards for pillows. I was able to piece together on the extra few inches on the bottom hem.
The seam is in the back and if you don't look at the back bottom hem of all of my curtains you'll never know it's there on one of them.

I purchase the bay window curtain rod at Lowe's home improvement store. It worked perfectly in my window.

The chairs I found through an online classifieds web site. I love their simple lines. I added the little (I'm not even sure what to call it) fabric cover on the backs.

I'm still not sure if I love the fabric things on the back and I'll probably switch them out for something different but I do like how it ties in a little bit of the orange-ish-red-ish that's also in the hutch that is in the entrance way right behind me.

(just looked for a pic and I guess I need to take one)

Above the couch is my photo wall.
By far my most favorite part of the room.
I love seeing my kids there smiling at could I not love it....they are absolutely the most beautiful children on the planet.....right?

I'm not crazy about the lamp and I'm looking to replace it, I just think it will take time to find what I want and have it fit my budget....but that's okay...I can wait.

Finally, here's my computer hutch/armoire/thingy. Remember this?
Yes, my computer space is in my living room but with our nice armoire you'd never know it.

I guess this room isn't all of the way completed.
I still want to get a large mirror to put over my piano for function and beauty. My daughter is a singer, her voice teacher wants her to look in the mirror as she practices (I think it cuts down on the pulling of weird faces while you sing thing)
When I get it up I'll share.

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irbuanosraL said...

If I created a room like this I would be blogging about it for a year. I can't get over how wonderful it turned out. It has such a great feel to it, soft yet super stylish, LOVE it!!!!! The kids pictures add the sweetness and happiness, you could't help not feel good in that room.
Love, your Arab friend ;)