Monday, October 3, 2011

Today I made

Really if you're going to make jam, freezer jam is the easiest and quickest way to go!
Today's flavor of choice was Raspberry-Peach.
My mouth is watering just writing that.
The raspberries came from our patch (having the summer heat extend into October has meant we've gotten bonus berries! Yipeee!) and the peaches from a local fruit stand. (Utah peaches are the best!)

I love sure-jell as far as pectin goes. I'm not paid by them but I'm certainly endorsing them.
Their instructions are clear and easy.

  • Cut up and mash fruit.
  • Measure fruit
  • Measure sugar
  • Combine fruit and sugar
  • Let set 10 min.
  • Combine water and pectin
  • Let boil 1 min.
  • Combine pectin and fruit
  • Stir 3 minutes
  • Pour into plastic containers
  • Close 'em-up.
  • 30 minutes at the most! You're done! Ta-Da!
Okay so they're a little more detailed than mine but you get the idea.

My tip is to follow the instruction precisely. When it says to stir the pectin into the fruit and sugar for 3 minutes really stir it for the 3 minutes.
At about 1:30 you will think, "Well, that looks like it's stirred in there. I think it's good. I'm going to stop."
Don't.....just keep stirring, just keep stirring, what do we do? we stir and stir......Do you get what I'm saying. Don't scrimp on the stirring of the pectin into the fruit.
Because if you don't the sugar may crystallize and then you have crunchy freezer jam and who wants that? I don't.

And just so you know....freezer jam makes a great last minute gift! Who doesn't like home made jam? and freezer jam tastes so fresh and yummy.

Good luck! Let me know if you try it!

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