Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paper Roses and a Vase

I'm helping with the decorations for an activity for the young women in our church.
I wish I could say I'm really good at decorating.
But I'm not.
And the idea of being in charge of decorations gives me a panic attack.
So I'm not in charge.
Just helping.

Our theme for the night is Arise and Shine Forth.
So we're decorating in Sunshine colors.

My most significant contribution is a paper rose ball on a vase.
I've gone above and beyond this time, I know.
Just kidding. It's almost embarrassing how little this is compared to all of the other decorations going into this.

There is one thing that's awesome about my paper rose ball.
I didn't cover the whole thing in paper roses because it is a large ball and it just fit better on the vase this way.
But, if you turn it on it's side it looks like an old fashioned swimming cap on a Styrofoam wig stand.
Makes me giggle.
I was tempted to get some mister potato-head eyes, nose and mouth to stick on it.
I know, I find strange things entertaining.

Oh, and ignore the hot-glue spider webs all over everything. I seriously thought I'd cleaned them all off. 
Apparently not because there they are clear as day in every. single. picture!

I'm very proud of my vase....if I do say so myself.
It was a thrift store find --- $1
It was just clear glass.
I spray painted the inside with white gloss paint.
It looks a lot better in real life.
I did get a little enthusiastic with the spray paint and so I have some drips.....oops!
I'm okay with it.
Kind of gives it a marbled look....adds character...or whatever.

So, the paper rose idea came from my niece Jamie who made one because she saw it on Pinterest.
My Internet was out at the time and so she explained to me how to make paper roses over the phone.
She got her inspiration from The Idea Room.

In the mean time I documented my flower making in pictures below.
But you should really check out the original here.

I did do a couple of things differently.

I used hot glue as I went, in a few spots.
It seemed as I twisted and gathered it needed some glue to keep it in place.

Also, When it was all finished I glued the little stem to one side to make the rose a little flatter and easier to glue to the ball.

My flowers don't look the same as the original but not bad for being told the gist of how to make them over the phone.

The key does seem to be twisting and gathering to make it look like real pedals. 

I'll try and get some pictures of all of the finished decorations.

Happy Flower Making!

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